“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. ”


Evolving Into The Divine Self

ON Mission Evolution Radio.

Mission Evolution’s Gwilda Wiyaka Interviews Marilyn about integrating spiritual consciousness into daily life experience
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Have You Gotten Your Copy?

52 Qualities Of The Heart~ One Each Week!
Get a cup of tea, take a deep breath and
explore your inner self.

A Breath Of New Life After Divorce

Read Marilyn’s article in The “X” Chronicles Newspaper.

Divorce is a time of transition, and a time to become more of who you are meant to be, free from “needing” someone else to knowing you are wholly loved and lovable.

Want to give up the struggle and get clear about your next step?

Let me coach you step by step through your blocks. Let go of wasted time and energy, and get on the path to what you want, feeling good.


Welcome to my website.  I am here to help you tune into the most powerful and authentic way to recreate yourself and get on the path to experience more joy and freedom in life.  We all want more out of life but sometimes the way we perceive ourselves and our circumstances can hinder our ability to open the door to happiness.  It is my passion to help you get on a steady path to living your life with satisfaction and fulfillment; to teach you how to regain your confidence and emotional balance, feel worthy and create more of what you want in life. You can make the conscious shift to let go of painful patterns, reactions and resistance, and experience life intentionally, in sync with your inner wisdom and authentic self.  My goal is to provide you with practical tools and a practical process to launch you into the lifestyle you want, aligned with the best version of yourself, full of self-empowerment and joy. Using the same tools that helped me successfully reset my life after loss, you will begin to feel better immediately.

Your happiness awaits. If you’re willing to let go of the past and get on a new path to the new you and freedom you are meant to enjoy, contact me: Marilyn@marilyndecalo.com to arrange a session. We will get the to heart of the matter and you will get the answers, results and support you need right away. You can also learn more about my program by clicking HERE.




Get started on your journey of self-discovery with this easy to follow, beautifully illustrated journal. Seeing With The Heart offers guided inspiration to assist you with connecting to your inner heart wisdom. The messages that come forward when you consciously connect to your inner self, through the avenue of your compassionate heart, offer clarity, creative energy, enthusiastic passion and union with your authentic self. You will find as you explore these 52 heart qualities weekly that you will plant some seeds and cultivate what you want from life. As you listen within and write from your heart, you will become more self-aware; the desire to experience your life through the insight, joy and appreciation of your heart will grow.

Listen to the replay of Marilyn’s interview on National Broadcast Radio below!
Listen below to Marilyn’s interview with CinnamonMoon as they discuss
“Discovering The Divine Self”

Seeing With The Heart Guided Inspiration Journal

Seeing with The Heart Inspiration Card Deck

3 Simple Ways To Support Yourself in Times of Loss

Transform Emotions Transform Your Life

Heart Wide Open Blog

Embracing Your Uniqueness

Dear Marilyn,  I have resistance to embracing my flavor, my place, my uniqueness.  How do I love the version of me that I see as different?   You are meant to be different.  Your tone, your ideas, your dreams and desires are unique to you, and how you express who...

Follow Your Dreams

Dear Marilyn,   What does it mean to follow my dreams?    In the sense that you are referring to, your dreams are inspiration from your inner world.  They are guidance meant to shine a light on a path that leads to fulfillment, joy and a greater expression...

Loving Self

Dear Marilyn, I find it difficult to love myself.  I see all of my flaws and self-destructive behavior, and it upsets me.  How can I love myself more?   Your question can be best paraphrased as, How can I embrace those parts of me that seem unloveable? In answer...

Why Does Life Mastery Stem From Emotional Mastery?

Dear Marilyn, Why does life mastery stem from emotional mastery?  Life mastery may seem like a big topic; complex and difficult.  Actually, life mastery is not as impossible as you might think, unless you make it that way. The emotional reactions and responses that we...

Talking With Children About Spirituality

Dear Marilyn, I want my children to know themselves as spiritual beings. How do I encourage their spirituality?   One of the most beautiful truths about children, especially young children, is their pure, positive connection with their inner goodness.  Every baby is...

Trust In Loving Goodness

Dear Marilyn,   How can I come to accept loving goodness as my natural state of being when I see and experience pain and suffering that happens without a good reason?   This question comes from a deep desire to experience love, and to understand, what it means to...

What is being in the flow, and how do I know if I’m connected?

Dear Marilyn, What is being in the flow, and how do I know if I'm connected? Have you ever had one of those days where everything seemed to float along smoothly; where you meet up with the right people at the right time, and little blips like traffic on the way to...

How Does One Get Started With Spirituality?

Dear Marilyn, How does one get started with spirituality? By developing a curiosity about the whole self; the truth of who you are in totality.  For some of us this curiosity comes at a time we are experiencing a particularly challenging life event.  Perhaps in a...

Reach For New Heights

New Heights in Consciousness   In these days of greater awakening to more expanded states of consciousness we are thinking differently, listening to our intuitive nature more often, and increasing communication with our higher selves. To support a gentle and...

Live The Life You Wish To Live

What is stopping you from living the life you wish to live? Do you ever ask yourself questions such as, “Why don’t I have the job I want or the pay I want?”, “Why is this person I work for not treating me right?”, or “Will I ever find the love of my life?” We tend to...
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