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If you are picking up the pieces after going through a divorce or breakup here are a few things to do to empower yourself:

#1. Make sure you are safe. Find a place to shelter. If you need to reach out to a friend or family member for help with a place to stay then make sure they are supportive, will listen and be patient with you. 

#2. Set your intention to heal. Something like, “I am not a failure. I intend to survive and transcend this dissolution.” 
#3. Understand that you are unique and each divorce or breakup is unique as well. The great challenge is how you will respond to this event. 
#4. Take care of your emotional health, physical health and financial health. Get a check up in each area. Establish a support network of two or three people you can reach out to at any time, who will not give you advice. Instead they will offer comfort. Reach out to local legal, financial and medical professionals who offer free clinics in your area. Get your questions answered; don’t guess!
#5. Explore your feelings of loss and associated panic, anxiety and fear. Feel those feelings – don’t push them away. This is a new beginning for you and it is important not to carry past thoughts, limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns forward. You can’t let them go if you don’t recognize you have them. A divorce counselor or support group is a good investment in you!
#6. Get adequate sleep, eat nourishing meals, go for walks and get exercise. These are restorative and allow you to live.
#7. Find a reason to be social, even if it’s with one person going for a drive together, or a movie. Plan something you enjoy doing every day as a counterbalance to sad feelings.

Reach out to me if you are in the throes of a break up! I offer half price on an initial counseling session, where we will focus on how to get past what is hurting now.


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