Ready to Get on Your Path to Joy?

Learn to Surrender Inner Resistance and Fear on Your Path of Self-Development

Live More Authentically – Body, Mind and Spirit

Do you yearn to:

  • Integrate spiritual qualities, deep truths and experience with your path of personal growth and self-development?
  • Discover your unique gifts and voice, and step into joyful expression of your true self?
  • Follow the call of a new direction free of fear and aligned with your desires and dreams?
  • Have a healthier relationship with yourself and others?
  • See your life and the world through the eyes of love instead of struggle?

Are you (finally) ready to:


  • Surrender cycles of fear, doubt and uncertainty?
  • Move forward confidently in your awakening process?
  • Get support to live your potential fully empowered to be all you are meant to be – body, mind &soul?
  • Find long-lasting emotional balance through a holistic approach?
  • Fall back in love with your life?

I know you have been struggling with:


  • Wondering what you are supposed to be doing with your life.
  • Old habitual thoughts and beliefs that keep popping up just when you think you are back on your path.
  • Others not understanding who you are or who you are becoming.
  • Pushing the boundaries of your past.
  • The emotional ups and downs of making inner expansive shifts and then facing the same outer reality.
I’m Marilyn Decalo, a transpersonal therapist and intuitive life coach. I’ve developed an in-depth coaching program for people who want to live their higher potential. My passion is to serve women and men with tools and practices that support holistic transformation that will lead to conscious, expanded, authentic living.  I help them step into their true callings in sync with their divine spark, as business owners, creatives, leaders, lovers and caregivers. I have watched people’s lives change as they expanded their awareness and discovered their true power to live abundantly and joyfully, with courage and confidence.  Over my life I have encountered obstacles, crossroads and a lack of direction.  I always knew I wanted to help people and when I signed up to study spiritual-psychology I finally discovered my calling.  I appreciate the way things came about in my life and that I finally found my path.  But it took several experiences of falling off my path to wake me up and I wish I had had a coach to guide me through the pitfalls.
My signature program, The Surrender Solution, is a unique one-one coaching and personal development program that combines practical coaching tools and techniques with law of attraction principles. You will have the results you seek from our work together because I use an integrated approach that is uniquely tailored to your circumstances and desired outcomes.  I integrate expansive healing practices with clarifying self-discovery practices to help you uncover your true purpose and core values. You will understand how the dynamic of awakening spiritual consciousness fits together with making life-choices from heart and soul integrity.  And you will gain the confidence and insight to confidently forge new directions.

Resist the impulse to ignore what your emotions are telling you.  If what you want is colliding with the way things are, then get on the path to discover what’s missing. Shift from doubt to clarity. Surrender pain for certainty and get on track to experience the you, you were meant to be.

Don’t wait any longer to live the life you are dreaming of.  Your happiness is calling!  Flip the anxiety switch off and feel better.

The Surrender Solution offers you emotional tools and support so that the answers you’re looking for are unveiled easily, clearly and confidently.

Discover how to plan emotionally, financially and spiritually to:

Be the you

You want to be

You know you can be

You are meant to be!

Dear Friend,

I know your heart is calling you to lead the healthiest emotional, spiritual and value-filled life; to achieve the dreams you desire and deserve in your life.

I have developed a revolutionary new program that gets to the core of removing any hindrances you may have to living your true and most fulfilled potential. I know that you are ready to make the changes to bring it all to you.  It is closer than you think! I can help you experience the inner peace, thriving and enjoyment of new people, places and circumstances you are hoping for.

The problem is you don’t trust yourself to make the right decisions that will get your there.  You’re not aligned with your ability to take action.

In an era of unprecedented shifts, opportunities and change you sometimes find yourself emotionally bankrupt, stuck in confusion and frustration. You’re tired of putting your dreams on hold and struggling with the tug of indecisiveness.

In short:

You want to line up with the path to your dreams. You want to feel confident, clear and enthusiastic about following your passion. You want to live not only your best life but a meaningful life!

You Desire:


  • To get rid of old baggage weighing you down
  • Fix things that seem out of place in your life
  • To decide which direction to go in
  • To trust yourself to make the right decisions about your future your dreams.
  • A clear action plan that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to choices and opportunities.
  • To feel good about where you are so you can start the next chapter on solid ground.
  • To put an end to over-analyzing everything and start listening to your gut.
  • Tools for finding inner peace and letting go of the internal and external fears that have you mentally exhausted.
  • A safe way to let go.
  • To achieve your dreams with ease, and know how to receive help along the way.
  • To stop feeling like there are so many things you need to make happen before you can move forward.
  • To stop agonizing over your decision after you make it!

The problem is:


  • You have to make some decisions about your life: a relationship, career,
    a move.
  • You’ve been over-analyzing it to the point of mental exhaustion.
  • You know it’s time to leave the confusion and whatever else is holding you back behind.
  • You’re ready for a change but you don’t know how to make a fresh start.


Maybe you:



  • Have been soliciting the opinions of family and friends
  • Are trying to go with the flow and not upset the apple cart
  • Get caught up in the details of every decision
  • Worry and agonize about making the wrong decision
  • Are experiencing emotional turmoil and can’t get clear on how to move forward
  • Weigh the pros and cons and still don’t have a clear winner
  • Fear taking actions that are uncomfortable
  • Are finding that deciding is harder the more you dwell on it
  • Are seeking perfection and second-guessing yourself
  • Are reliving traumatic experiences that may hinder your success
  • Think giving up on your dreams will be easier than making a decision

And most of all:


You hear the call to be the you
you want to be
you know you can be
you were meant to be
powerful and at peace with your direction so
you can follow your dreams with confidence.

“I loved working with Marilyn. She is thoughtful, caring and has an easy manner. I highly recommend Marilyn’s program for anyone looking to transform the emotional pain of trauma and stress, into more peace in their lives.”
Nancy E.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Marilyn for years. She has a peaceful presence that creates a sense of calm and intention. As a consultant, Marilyn will work with women in transition using practical strategies to help stay present, focus on what’s possible and become empowered. I will certainly refer clients to Marilyn and know they will gain the benefit of her wisdom and life experience.”
Natalie P.

I’m a trained transpersonal psychologist and counselor, certified hypnotherapist, reiki master and emotional intelligence trainer.

I specialize in holistic transformation – heart, mind, body and soul.  Think of me as your champion.  I will root for you, help you know your greatness, and show you how to make those life-changing shifts in all areas of your life. As your coach, I will hold you accountable, support you and shine a light on your truth. The pillars of my program are compassion, love, integrity, resilience, trust and forgiveness. Your magnificent life is my top priority. You can be sure of getting my full support, knowledge and guidance

I Have Been In Your Shoes


My experiences led me to a desire to be true to myself and to look for the good in me and my life. Understanding how to connect with, and accept, my whole self was important for me to feel better.

I’ve been working with clients in transition, facing big decisions and big changes and helping them realize their dreams, for over 12 years.

I’ve written curriculum and instruction materials in social and emotional intelligence, taught meditation and led trainings in mindfulness and teaching kindness for 100s of educators.

My journey in life has included multiple challenging crossroads, resets and transitions. Like you, I’ve faced doubt, uncertainty and loss in business, finances, family life and relationships.  I’ve also had several traumatic events and experienced PTSD.  I’ve come to understand that I could let those traumatic experiences hold me back or I could look past them, surrender to the center of myself where I’m supported by the positivity of inner peace and truth and say yes to dreaming bigger to attain the joy I’d been waiting for.

I learned the power of changing momentum through surrendering resistance and gaining emotional peace; and surrendering to the process and flow of life’s changes. I didn’t give up.  Rather, I came to understand how to stop the world without getting off. I learned to move forward by honoring myself, trusting in the wisdom of the universe and appreciating everything that pointed me in the direction of making big life decisions.  Once I was aligned with my heart and soul, I could see my path forward.

Now I know what it’s like to be connected to certainty, clarity, ease and freedom in life.

When I was spinning out of control in the wake of doubt, financial uncertainty and low self-esteem everything was an effort.  It seemed like every action I took threw up another roadblock.  Decisions were hard.  When I learned to let things to flow, the struggle ceased and clear solutions to every issue I encountered ensued.

You can do the same with my professional help.

You can have this, too.  I want you to know how to fulfill the dreams that are calling you; to enjoy the journey to your freedom; and to feel confident about making the decisions to get there.

I believe in your ability to move in the direction of your desires.  You can experience the thrills and excitement that come as your confidence in your decision-making grows.  I want you to jump out of bed each day with enthusiasm , appreciation for who you are and the momentum to create a satisfying path forward.

Relieve your emotional overwhelm. Connect to your true power and step up with certainty to fulfill your dreams



What can I expect from working with Marilyn and The Surrender Solution?

During our sessions, I’ll teach you how to shift from indecision to clarity; to use your own inner power to move “more-ward” to your dreams with ease; and to surrender nagging self-doubt for certainty and freedom. You’ll get out of that rut where overwhelm and indecisiveness are holding you back, get a fresh start and achieve the kind of changes you’ve been hoping for with confidence.

The Surrender Solution supports you in your quest for emotional well-being, spiritual evolution and physical manifestation positively aligning you with accomplishing your goals, dreams and desires.  Surrender Sessions do this by helping you make the inner shifts that will lead to authentically following your heart, being yourself and gaining the strength to choose the direction that makes you happy.

The 6- Week Surrender Solution Modules


Your most important takeaways will be:

You Matter: The Path You Have Travelled and Embracing You!

Get clear on what you’re facing in your life and how emotional clarity here and now can propel you toward your dreams, and be the catalyst to discover and engage a more holistic, powerful side of yourself. You’ll have a more conscious connection with your inner truth and align with your desires. Starting from where you are, you’ll understand what overwhelm and indecision have to do with resistance and prepare to surrender and shift.

  • We will explore your values, skills, and what makes you, you.
  • Look honestly where you are now and where you want to go.
  • We will take inventory of your past and the meanings of experiences in your life.
  • We will get clear on your true calling and direction.

Grounding: The Two Realities

Learn to clear out the cobwebs of the mind; let go of the old to welcome in the new. What do you need to let go of to move forward? You’ll practice mindfulness techniques to create conscious awareness that allows you to realize your own answers and gain ownership of your experiences so you’re confident to navigate the path to freedom and joy. In the process, you’ll get practical tools and resources to invest in yourself, facilitate inner listening, self-forgiveness and focus to build confidence and clarity without fear, sabotage and self-doubt.

  • We will create, explore and practice the life-changing tools and techniques to shift your patterns.
  • We will understand what might be interfering with commitment to living your highest potential.
  • Examine perspective-taking, perception and shifting into new beliefs about who you are becoming.
  • Transformation through self-awareness and exploring the pillars of your unique path.


Feeling Worthy

As you identify and clarify your hopes, needs, values and desires, we’ll take a deep dive into your true “heart,” explore the gaps, unravel limitations that aren’t serving you and reframe perspectives to keep you aligned with your goals moving forward.  Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the courage, compassion and connection to wake up in the morning and think, “No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough.” (Brenee Brown)

  • With full support, encouragement and love from me you will find your courage to push a few limits.
  • Self-care and small, powerful revelations about why you are here will help you get clarity on your new direction.
  • Micro changes that help you recognize your inner, outer and higher worth.
  • Regain your power.



Your desire to fulfill your dreams is calling you for a reason.  It’s your soul’s natural drive to gently urge you to more happiness, freedom, growth and joy. You’ll understand how surrendering overwhelm, doubt, exhaustion and anxiety – whether it comes from living for others (family, co-workers, parents, spouses), our own need for control or a belief that if things aren’t hard then we aren’t going to get anywhere – can establish your unique path to success.

  • Learn how to let go of the opinions, beliefs and standards set by others,
  • Recognize when you are headed down the wrong path, emotionally and mentally.
  • Understand how to align with your true self and create an energetic flow before you act.
  • Learn how to stretch even further with trust and belief in yourself and your goodness.
  • Release what stagnates you and cultivate what empowers you with daily practices tuned to your lifestyle.


Your Unique Niche

The Surrender Solution honors your unique self, nurtures your ability to connect with and express your heart and soul, helps you discover strength from the inside and facilitates gentle shifts in thinking and behaviors, so you’ll know what you want and have greater success in reaching your desires. Imagine a life where

  • After having made many shifts and transformation you will focus on integration, congruence and assimilation.
  • Cultivate authenticity.
  • What is your intended impact on the world?
  • Your life path forward is clear.


Take A Giant Leap

You know there is something more to life. While we may be spiritual beings having a human existence, we are focused here on this earth plane for good reasons. You WANT something more out of life but you fall into a rut doing the same thing over and over. You don’t know how to make a change or move forward to claim that joyful life you desire. For those who have experienced personal setbacks and don’t know how to move forward, The Surrender Solution teaches you how to begin living according to your own rules, your plan based on your clear life path. Your plan is created based on the work you’ve done in the Surrender Sessions. You learn how to create and control your forward momentum now that you have regained your power and re-ignited your divine spark from within. This is where you take a giant leap in the direction of your joyful, abundant life, free from fear and struggle. You’ll be so happy to be living as your true self!

  • How will you get to where you want to go? I will help you with a plan to do things you have only dreamt of doing before. Grab your superhero cape!
  • We will set new goals and stretch even further!



In 6 weeks with me, you’ll get:


One-on-One Support

  • 6 – 60-minute Surrender Sessions with me where I will coach you through the Surrender Solution Program so you can feel emotionally clear and make the decisions you want to create your path forward with confidence and certainty.
  • Full email access to Marilyn for 12 weeks (6 weeks following the program). Submit your questions directly to her for personalized help.


Surrender Tools and Techniques

  • 6 uniquely designed surrender modules with handouts containing practical tips, strategies and techniques for enhancing mindfulness, gaining clarity, finding gratitude, grounding, overcoming indecision, soul communication, reducing anxiety and taking action.
  • Your personal “Giant Leap Plan” for living authentically, fulfilling your dreams and achieving your goals.

Community Accountability and Engagement

  • A private and exclusive Facebook forum to engage with other passionate people who are reconnecting to their hearts, altering their perspectives and reinventing themselves as powerful creators of their lives.

You’ll Also Get:

  • Bonus meditations
  • Optional hypnotherapy sessions at reduced rates
  • Recorded sessions

Access to blog posts with inspirational and pertinent resources



What is the one thing you need to feel better, be the you, you know you can be, make clear-minded decisions and move forward to produce the results you want? Consciously and deliberately shifting into surrender energy.  Begin experiencing the benefits of learning to surrender and make the big decisions.

The Surrender Solution


6 Weeks to Learn Surrender
Believe in Yourself
and Achieve Your Dreams

Package A:  Discover Your Inner Power $1,899

  •  6 Surrender Sessions with Marilyn over 6 weeks
  • Personal email access to Marilyn, M-F 9 am – 5pm MT for 6 weeks
  • Handouts, tools, exercises and techniques for understanding the roadblocks, clearing and connecting with energy, making decisions and paving the path to your dreams
  • Personalized decision-making plan
  • 2 Surrender meditations to help focus, clear doubt and align with intentions
  • Session recordings
  • Private Facebook Group access for support and networking


Package A Options (Additional costs): $150 per item

  • Goddess Card Reading Remote Session
  • Hypnotherapy Remote Session (including session recording and guided follow-up journey)
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping Remote Session for Clearing Unwanted Fear and Doubt and Bringing in Positivity
  • Reiki Energy Remote Session

Package B: Moving Forward: Creating Your Dreams $1,899

  • 6 Surrender Sessions with Marilyn over 6weeks
  • Personal Email access to Marilyn, M-F 9 am – 5pm MT for 12 weeks
  • Handouts, tools, exercises and techniques for implementing your decision-making plan and staying on Track as you move “more-ward”
  • Personalized Success Tracker
  • 2 Surrender meditations to stay focused, stay in alignment and create success
  • Session recordings
  • Private Facebook Group access for support and networking


Package B Options (Additional costs): $150 per item

  • Goddess Card Reading Remote Session
  • Hypnotherapy Remote Session (including session recording and guided follow-up journey)
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping Remote Session for Clearing Unwanted Fear and Doubt and Bringing in Positivity
  • Reiki Energy Remote Session

Package C:  Purchase Package A and B Together $3,400

  • All the contents of Packages A and B over 15 weeks.
  • 3 Monthly 30-minute Bonus Check- in Calls. (Total of 3, 30-minute calls)


Package C Options (Additional costs): $150 per item

  • Goddess Card Reading Remote Session
  • Hypnotherapy Remote Session (including session recording and guided follow-up journey)
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping Remote Session for Clearing Unwanted Fear and Doubt and Bringing in Positivity
  • Reiki Energy Remote Session







Package D: Purchase Package C Plus Group Coaching Call Access for 12 additional weeks $3,800

  • Networking
  • Additional Q and A with Marilyn once a week.

III  Six-Month Becoming You Mentoring Program

One-on-one mentoring to manifest your own divine energy and divine purpose:  $5895

  • Weekly calls to explore the deep emotional, mind and spiritual aspects of your nature
  • Appreciate yourself in a new way
  • Shift your perspective to understand how to live authentically and create your unique expression in manifested form.
  • Inner and outer transformation
  • Learn to connect with guided inspiration
  • Bring new opportunities into focus
  • Tools and resources to affect successful and practical outcomes in all areas of your life – relationships, career, finances, health


That’s not all! You’ll also receive these
amazing bonuses!

What Happens After You Become A Client

When you sign up and pay for any of The Surrender Solution programs you will be sent a confirmation email that includes digital bonus materials.  Your Inspiration Journal will be mailed to you via US Postal Service. A second email will contain a Welcome Packet and a link to our client intake form that you must complete and submit to Marilyn prior to your first Surrender Session.  Once you submit the client intake form, you may click here to schedule your first session.


What Makes This Program Different?



The Surrender Solution isn’t just about letting go of the need for control. It’s about standing at that crossroad, connecting within, clarifying your vision, finding your emotional strength and freedom, loosening your grip and owning your life – the life that is calling you to be more. It’s an emotion, mind and soul clearing, inside and out renewal of your self-love that, ironically, leads to feeling more powerful and in control of decision outcome

You’ll discover how getting clarity and allowing things to happen knowing they will land well is a skill that you can practice, improve upon and used over and over.

I’ll be sharing the practices, tools and techniques I used to finally do things the easy way. I could move forward to achieve my desires without forcing myself to take any actions other than those I was inspired to take.

There are plenty of step-by-step “how tos” for decision-making, living authentically and transitioning to new careers, relationships and phases of life. None of them offer the deep dive transformational process needed to help you bust through the blocks and hindering beliefs, thoughts and emotions that cause indecision and hold you back.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried to make the changes you want and failed. I’ve been there. I know you’ll be able to move past the fear, trauma and deep seeded doubt when you find the power of surrendering to love

You’ll make decisions by connecting to your inner truth.  You’ll know what it’s like to go with the flow and feel the calm of certainty while riding the current of change.

When you learn to make those big decisions from a feeling of enthusiasm and joy, those big dreams will be within your reach.

My Promise to You/Guarantee


In the 6 Surrender Solution Sessions, you’ll shift from impasse to surrender, clarity and the power to heed your soul’s calling to follow your dreams. You’ll discover a new awareness of yourself and be able to wholeheartedly decide which direction serves you best.


You’ll have the tools, support and transformative knowledge to live your life with more joy.

Who The Program is For & Who It’s Not For 

This program is for anyone who:



  • Tries to control things because of what they think will happen if they don’t
  • Is in a rut and can’t change because they’re afraid of making the wrong decision
  • Has experienced trauma, loss and life circumstances where they were faced with a big decision and transition.
  • Is seeking to be the you, you were meant to be
  • Is at a crossroads
  • Aspires to follow their dreams
  • May not be completely in touch with their emotions
  • Doesn’t know how to let go of the past
  • Needs support and guidance to move past emotional impasses related to empty nest, career changes or traumatic events
  • Is open to holistic and spiritual concepts, beliefs and methodologies


This program is not for anyone who is:



  • Manic depressive, suffering from addiction or need psychiatric therapy
  • Not ready to examine their responsibility for addressing their problems and doing the work to make the shifts
  • Skeptical about Eastern philosophy, not open to different cultures or does not value diversity
  • Afraid to interact online or in Facebook groups with respect, integrity and enthusiasm
  • Looking for someone to push or prod them into making changes

What Happens If You Don’t Take Action Now?


The Surrender Solution offers you a practical and successful way to stand at the crossroads of your life with a new-found sense of inner peace and freedom.  I discovered, and want to share with you, how the energy of surrender accomplished a lot more of moving me toward who I was meant to be and achieving my dreams than the energy of control.  I stood where you are now when my children left home, my husband and I both lost our jobs and I didn’t know who I was or what I was going to do.  The peace and clarity I gained from dropping the oars and surrendering to my inner truth was the most profound and enlivening experience of my life.


If you don’t join The Surrender Solution you can keep trying to move forward alone, unsure of what’s best.

  • You’ll continue to have almost no present awareness because you’re caught up in what happened in the past and not sure of what to do about the future.
  • Your vision stays narrow and your dreams seem further away.
  • Attaching yourself to knowing one “right” path will leave you closed to discovering wonderful possibilities.
  • Decisions will continue to be hard, confusing and not made.


Or, you can join The Surrender Solution, where I’ll guide you to shift from emotional overwhelm, confusion indecision to clarity, find appreciation for your circumstances and use them to propel you to achieve your dreams. Your life will be easier, feel more certain and you’ll confidently make that fresh start you’ve been hoping for, unattached to past fears, doubt or anxiety.  Your efforts and actions will be made with the energy of confidence. You’ll trust that universal flow is supporting you along your journey.  This is the transformative opening to “more” – the expansion that surrender will create, aligned with the power to bring all that you want into your life.



What is the one thing you need to feel better, be the you, you know you can be, forge a new direction and produce the results you want on your life path? Consciously and deliberately shifting into surrender energy.  Begin experiencing the benefits of learning to surrender, enjoy your life and make the big shift to great success in navigating your future.

Marilyn Decalo Logo, Phoenix

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