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Why does life mastery stem from emotional mastery? 

Life mastery may seem like a big topic; complex and difficult.  Actually, life mastery is not as impossible as you might think, unless you make it that way. The emotional reactions and responses that we unconsciously or habitually experience is at the root of the results in every area of your life. Becoming aware of your emotions and emotional state is vital to self-mastery and integral to recognizing the divinity within, but we as a human species have not been taught to manage our emotions.  Pure unconditional love of self is the necessary ingredient but one has to develop a deep connection with the inner resource of love. If you mastered the dynamics of your emotions you could not be controlled.  We are taught we are powerless and due to that imprinting powerlessness is reflected in our emotional nature. With our emotions we reinforce beliefs that recreate behavior again and again, and so we must break the pattern by coming to a realization of all of the beliefs and fears in the way. For instance, many of us are in states of emotional triggering where the emotional energy of conflict, accusation and blame keeps flying back and forth. It seems like there is no place where anyone is willing to forgive because we believe forgiveness is disempowering. In reality forgiveness is emotionally empowering and freeing. Asking “Why” a person did what they did instead of focusing on “what” they did makes it easier for us to understand and forgive, and that is how we can start to shift emotional reactions.  If you are seeking emotional peace and choose to shift your path to accept your true nature as the creator of your life, in other words to consciously experience oneself as divine, then you are growing, evolving and harmonizing your emotional nature to birth a new consciousness. When one comes into the recognition of the worth of self through the process of emotional awareness, resistance to accepting that goodness or God-ness (divinity within) in one’s life is released and consciousness shifts.   Emotional mastery is an opportunity for a great leap forward!


What is emotional mastery?

Emotional mastery is being in tune with and managing our thoughts and feelings relative to daily life experience.  Rather than reacting without awareness, being in touch with an emotional response to a situation or person means noticing our emotions, accepting responsibility for the feelings, and going within to reflect whether or not a belief or prejudice might be informing our thinking, and asking if the thought behind the emotion is true.  Emotional mastery is an inner process of integrated work.  Each person has a unique way of filtering life experience based on how he or she has reacted to events, beliefs and circumstances. We filter life experience through our emotions, and our conditioned responses to what we deem negative or positive outcomes. Our emotions shape our perspective about ourselves, each other and our lives.  We have become used to not wanting to feel the so-called negative emotions, to resisting anything that might foster an uncomfortable feeling. In order to master our emotions it is necessary to accept each feeling that comes up as a part of who we are, to feel our feelings and ask whether it serves us or not in the moment or situation.  We have a choice to shift our emotions, but denying or burying them just keeps them hidden until they surface at the next opportunity or trigger. Ultimately emotional mastery allows us to consciously choose how we wish to feel because we desire to be authentic, we desire to feel good.  When a situation and circumstance arises the first responder is always from the emotional body and we change by shifting the beliefs that are not ours.  Those thoughts that we have been trained to anticipate or adopt. 


The value of being aware of your emotions.

Emotion is referred to as e-motion or energy in motion.  Emotions allow us to feel our own energy and they are useful as a barometer to measure how we are flowing in sync with our inner energy, the true self, or how resistant we might be to our natural alignment with pure positive love energy.  The value of becoming aware of our emotions lies in how it changes our experiences of being alive.  It changes our perception of ourselves from unworthy to worthy, from fear to love.  Can you accept yourself as you are in this moment?  Can you accept yourself when you are not feeling okay about who you are?  To do so is to relax in being who you are in this moment and to see yourself as worthy of love as you are. Life has ups and downs and though I may be on a journey of self-discovery in hopes of growing into more and more feeling good moments, I allow emotions to surface the ideas and beliefs that are uncomfortable in order to see them and shift them, to transmute them into love with the energy of love for myself.


Strengthen your divine inner compass and reorient to new energies.

Where in your life are you seeing and feeling uprooted?  Do you like how you feel?  How you feel is your experience, it’s determining the time line you are experiencing.  What and how you feel emits your vibration – it’s your frequency and what you broadcast to the universe about who, what and where you are.  If you feel uprooted in the present moment or in recent weeks, know that you have a divine inner compass with in you that can reset and reorient you to your new time line anytime you wish to go within and consciously intend your vibrational destination.  Fear may be the default vibration of many who do not know they are the divine spark of the God heart.  Fear is a powerful attractor of human experience.  Many find a resonance with this vibration because it is familiar.  But change on the scale of what is happening in our society is a call to turn to a new approach to life, one based on acceptance and love. We have outgrown our collective and individual past and have spiritually changed.  You do not fit in the world behind you and you cannot return to what you have known before unless you choose to remain asleep.  Bu you have outgrown that experience. The old energies cannot expand to accommodate this level of change.  Yet where you are going has not yet fully manifested for it is emerging in and through you.  You are creating your world through your emotions and feelings, through your vibrational choices and emissions.  That is different than the old way of pulling out a calendar scheduling appointments and then doing an activity you think you should do.  Remember, you bring yourself (your state of being) with you wherever you go.  You can change your environment, but you bring your vibration and consciousness with you

Where in your life to see this sense of deep and profound change?  Where in your life are you experiencing upheaval? How do you feel right now in this moment and in your life – in school, work or relationship?  They are the beginnings of your new earth cosmic coordinates.  Based on the vibrational emissions of energy produced by your consciousness, your “I am in this moment” you are emitting frequency coordinates.  The universe is activating on a whole new level now – a requirement to be impeccable with your vibration, your unique energetic frequency.  Your vibration is your code – you are a transmitter of energetic frequency.  Your cosmic coordinate – your location emission in the greater cosmic map of my life draws your path to you as people and conditions that are aligned to your frequency will be attracted to you.


Awakening to the truth of ourselves as vibrational beings, creators of feelings, emotions and thoughts.  It is determining our life experiences in a way that is more impactful than ever before. The new landscape is a vibrational landscape.  You live where your vibration lives.  You communicate on the vibrational scale – fear to love.  The frequency of your pitch and tone of your vibration manifests around you.

Where are you being triggered by your own debris?  Listen deeper for their messages to you so you can convert them to soul wisdom and then release the triggers themselves that were simply acting as messengers of who you are not.  No need to push against them or judge them. Take the time to listen to what the triggers are saying…then place yourself in greater alignment with the expression of who you are – living light as divine sparks of the God-heart. Admission to this true light is by vibration.  Wherever you consciously vibrate within is where you will experience yourself to be in the new energies.  Be the vibration you wish you experience.  Be the vibration you want to template all your experiences that collectively add to your life outcomes.  Choose your timeline.

Get off the old code and old matrix train.  Choose a frequency you can align with or that is in your core…change is here.  You are the driver of your journey, the map maker of your life.  You choose the coordinates of where you want to be. Go into your inner emotional control panel that creates your vibrational footprint and select the next best thought or feeling that will move you in the direction of what you do want.  This is a global reset time.  Unity, light, love, compassion, cooperation and manifesting for the greatest and highest good of the collective is the new landscape.  Become aware of your vibrational field to navigate this changing landscape and you become the master of your life that you are meant to be. You are the creator, you are the love you wish to see in the world.  Be the master you truly are.


Marilyn is a spiritual coach who serves as a teacher and guide for anyone who would like support on their journey of awakening to who they truly are. 


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