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What is being in the flow, and how do I know if I’m connected?

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seemed to float along smoothly; where you meet up with the right people at the right time, and little blips like traffic on the way to work don’t bother you? Things just seemed to come easy, right? You felt energized as if you were a conduit for the flow of well being.  

The energy of flow comes from being in alignment with the divine shining through you.  A tell tale sign is that no one else’s condition brings you down. It is a feeling like you have stepped into a time outside of time where you exist in your authenticity and everything cooperates perfectly. Emotional problems disappear and there is an exhilarating feeling of transcendence.  

Everyone experiences flow from time to time and most are familiar with flow characteristics like effortless, unconscious, and performing at the peak of ability.  By cultivating a receptive state of consciousness, flow can become a more common and enjoyable aspect of life.  


Can flow be cultivated?

Flow is not often thought of as spiritual but there is a relationship that is worth exploring. Consider looking at flow through the lens of spirituality; as a practice of aligning with a natural stream of well-being, giving your attention to the core energy of goodness within, in order to allow new ways of experiencing creativity, growth and fulfillment.

Describing flow from the perspective of consciousness will give you an idea of how the flow of well-being is more readily available than you might think. Take a minute to feel the energy behind these descriptions as you read: Flow is an emotional state where you intuitively, innately feel like you are moving in the right direction. Flow is the path of well-being and ease, where doors open and you know that everything is working out for you.  It is a clear, familiar feeling of being connected with a powerful state of being; an energetic stream of creativity, love and abundance flowing through you.  You might sense that you are in the flow when you’re immersed in a project or activity that you love.  You have a feeling of being outside of time and space, often described as “losing track of time,” or “time flies.”  Being in a state of flow can also be experienced as a spiritual consciousness of deep fulfillment and connection with your inner authenticity.  If you think about the experience of flow as a heightened awareness of being in total openness and harmony with the here and now moment, a sense of knowing you are exactly in the right place at the right time, and doing what feels good, you can sense yourself connected with the energy of something greater.  It is exciting to be in this place of energy flow and well-being.  It inspires you to want to find the place of flow more and more.


What are some ways to cultivate conscious flow? 

 Feeling alignment with the flow of well-being, like you have tapped into a perfection that is focused through everything you see and do, is achieved by establishing and energetic connection with the inner self.   A sense of inner calm, peace and stability found within is the foundation for allowing the stream of well-being to flow in your daily experiences.  Mediation offers a relaxing way to release inner resistance – those thoughts, feelings and beliefs that cause you to doubt the reality of well-being – and raise your energetic vibration to one of heightened sensitivity to peace, harmony and flow. With practice you consciously become aware of what this new state of being feels like in your daily life, and consciously choose to release thoughts of resistance as they come up;  focusing instead on pleasing, positive thoughts 

Here are some other ways to cultivate flow: 

  • Set intentions to step into the pure, positive flow each day.
    • Make it a habit each morning to see yourself moving easily, effortlessly through your day. If you have a particular goal or objective in mind, then spend time imagining how perfectly it is accomplished.  Feel the feeling of what it is like to accomplish it successfully.  Does it feel like fun? Joy? Love?  Use these powerful emotions to enjoy your intentions as complete before you endeavor to take any action.
  • Lighten Up and Find Balance
    • It’s hard to find flow when you are stressed out. Relax into your activities, let yourself feel for the enjoyment and positive aspects of what you are doing.
    • Do not take yourself or others too seriously. Laugh, play and go slow when you can.  Notice differences with curiosity and try new things!
  • Listen to your inner inspiration and take action.
    • Follow your inspiration, which will always lead you to the next step of flow. Be content to explore that one step, and the next one will unfold.
    • You have an inner guidance that wants you to thrive. Trust in your intuition, believe in your desires, and relax.  Being immersed in the activity you are inspired to do in the moment is being in the flow.


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