Touchstones Guide Your Way

In the quest for a life you love you have no doubt been on a journey of aligning the inner you with the outer you. You may have discovered, like me, that the easiest way to get to all the joyful, fulfilling experiences that await is by following an intention to be authentic and believe in yourself. When you surrender the opinions from others of what the “right” things to do might be, or the illusion of necessity created by believing in what “shoulds” tell you to do, you remove impediments and open yourself to inspired (inner-spirit-truth) thinking. As you practice lining up outer action with inner knowing and truth, your path reveals itself and unfolds with loving support from the universe. The sense of satisfaction from experiences enlivened by clear, conscious connection to your true self, to others and the universe is like a magical symphony in crescendo, or a powerful sense of freedom that leaves you wanting more. Touchstone experiences can epitomize as well as help gauge the fruits of living in alignment with the light within. They are representative of the important people, expansive experiences, and special places you have touched and will continue touch on your journey in life. You touch into them to remind you of the power of true connection and guide your way when you want to get back on track to the way you want to live your life.

Touchstones Are A Celebration of Our Lives

I have found a simple way to recognize the flow of positive inner and outer alignment through appreciating touchstone experiences in life. Touchstones are unique, high-wattage experiences that connect us with who we are at our core and inspire us to appreciate well-being in ourselves, others and in our lives. The feelings that come through our touchstone experiences are integral not only to the value they contribute toward loving our lives, but as demonstrations of the divine intelligence within us at work to provide positive growth in our lives. They serve as celebrations and uplifting reminders of the experiences we carry along our life paths. For example, I recall a profound feeling of joy and love when I think of a special touchstone day off from school when I was a child, and our family went to the beach to play all day together in the sunshine. That day lights up for me even now as an adult when I ground myself in the feeling of play and fun I enjoyed; my life was changed through joy. Recently, I celebrated my aunt’s 75th birthday with family abroad. While I see my aunt and cousins infrequently, the act of coming together, sharing our love through celebration and appreciating all in our lives that had led us to that moment was deeply moving. As I think about it, I am now re-experiencing the smiles of the people and feeling grateful for the happiness that continues to flow through me.

Touchstones Are Living Life As Intended

If you think about touchstone experiences as benchmarks of the good in your life, you will understand that touchstones are evidence of the force within you to create the satisfied life you intended. I have found some common elements to creating touchstone experiences that I’d like to share with you in hopes of you finding more joy on your path.

Know the Universe (has your back)

  • You are more than the physical body you inhabit. Divine Intelligence flows through you, and wants to express through you and everyone/everything else. Divine Intelligence is abundant well-being, and so are you!
  • When you appreciate the synchronicity, perfect timing, divine order and unconditional love that are the hallmarks of touchstone experiences you will bring more of them – and more joy – into your life.
  • Make room for the universe to assist you and become part of the creative process. Touchstones reflect an extraordinary state of consciousness that is imbued with the co-creative energy of the divine and human.

Know Your Self

  • Taking care of your mind, body and emotions is priority number 1. This means listening to your inner intelligence and then taking any action that inspires you with confidence.
  • The feeling of being in tune with your inner truth is liberating and opens the door for being fully present and fully experiencing touchstones.
  • Loving and believing in yourself unconditionally sets the foundation for appreciating and receiving more love into your life.
  • Let your music out of you by surrendering past struggles and welcoming your desire to be happy. You are a powerful creator!

Set Clear Intentions

  • As you anticipate events or encounters focus on the positive reasons why you wish to experience them. We all want to feel good and touchstones offer wonderful opportunities to express uplifting emotions.
  • You are unique and so are the ways your desires manifest for you. Embrace touchstone opportunities to discover that you are capable of using your alignment intentionally to create a life you love.
  • Use your imagination to become familiar with the feeling of having your wishes fulfilled. Release current limiting beliefs about people and situations and assume that touchstone experiences are already accomplished with perfect outcomes.

Emotional Harmony

  • Emotions have everything to do with way you think. Negative thoughts, judgements and opinions are generally uncomfortable and focus emotions in the direction of stress, fear and doubt. Connecting with positive emotions, such as kindness, compassion, self-love and caring heighten your state of awareness and allow you to tap into the energy of divine intelligence within.
  • Touchstone experiences happen in a heightened state of emotion; hearts wide open and in balance with an unlimited potential for connecting with yourself and others through joy.
  • There’s nothing you need to do. Relax and allow the co-creative power of the benevolent and kind universe to be the dominant force in your life!


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Marilyn Decalo Logo, Phoenix

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