Get To Know Your Own Opinions Through Your Emotions


The greatest opinion that you want is your own opinion – the essence of truth within you that influences your beliefs, thinking and emotions in any given moment. If you are experiencing illness, shortage of money, feelings of loneliness, ask yourself what is your opinion about what you are experiencing? How do you feel about what is going on in your life? Your emotions are the core of your power to overcome anything and you can use them as a guidance system for knowing your inner truth about anything in your life. Practice asking yourself what it is that you want, silently. Breathe in deeply and allow a feeling of peace to dominate your mind. Then gently ask yourself, “What do I want?” A general answer may come similar to, ‘I want to be healthy, happy and prosperous.’ Good. Start there. Don’t focus on how those things will come. Instead focus on how wonderful it feels as you imagine you are healthy, happy, and prosperous right now. Details will begin to fill in and you can start to connect with the good, uplifting feelings of enjoying what you want coming into focus in your mind. Think about those things that make your heart sing; that fill you up with excitement. For example, you might ask yourself, why do you want to be healthy? Because it feels good; moving the body freely, getting stronger and stronger. If you do this for about 5 minutes you will experience a state of noticeable well-being.


Connect With Your Opinions


The easiest way to connect inward to your core knowing is by deep breathing. Allow yourself to take the time to make that connection on a regular basis and you will be able to keep in touch with your source of wisdom, truth and creative expression. The insights and awareness you gain from this connection forms your opinion because as you connect to what feels good within you, you come into alignment with the unique truth of you! When you honor and allow your opinion to dominate, honor what you want, then that is what you create more of in your life. Your belief and opinion influences how you perceive situations, your health, abundance and relationships. As you consciously think in the direction of what you do want (rather than what you do not want), influenced by your opinion about it and the feeling of why you want it, you have tapped into the power that creates everything you desire. You can see that your opinion matters!


Your Own Opinions Are Powerful


Most of us don’t use our own opinions to guide us to what we want in life and live by default. Sometimes that turns out good and sometimes it can be bad. As you change your perspective and focus more upon your own opinions you begin living with intention and you are lighting your own path forward. It doesn’t matter what anyone else’s opinion is unless you accept it and own it. You want to honor your opinions because that is what makes you happy. Your own opinions are telling you what you want and don’t want because they are based on your good feelings. Keep your opinion compass pointed in the direction of that inner truth and you are always headed true north!


Here are three easy ways to cultivate your own opinions.


1. Care about how you feel. Ask yourself what it is you want and then why do you want that. When you start to get some ideas, ask yourself, which one feels best before making a decision. Do it because your heart says so, first. Feeling good is your natural state and your heart knows the path to opinions that demonstrate it. When you follow the trail to feeling good, your journey along the way is sure to be happy.


2. Use the power of your mind to send well-being and good, positive thoughts to your family, friends and those around you. Tap into the good feeling energy that already exists in the relationships you have to bring more of it to you. You have the power to shift the energy of your interactions through your intentional focus on well-being and on everything else you want that feels good. Intentionally guiding your thoughts about those you connect with on a day to day basis allows you to sync up with positive opinions that uplift you, others and that bring peace into your world.


3. Surrender old beliefs that no longer serve your highest and best interests. Beliefs like “I don’t deserve it.” “I’m not good enough.” Or, “I can’t.” You’ll see life differently. As you call forth your good feeling opinions about yourself because you know you deserve what you want, you step on a path to living more fully, authentically and in line with your heart and soul.


Once you connect inward and start listening to your own, authentic opinions you move more and more to what you truly want in your life. You’ll be surprised and delighted by what happens when you are on this wanted side of the equation.

Marilyn Decalo Logo, Phoenix

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