Using Spiritual Awareness To Know Yourself

Using Spiritual Awareness To Know Yourself


Complete connection with who I am is what I want because when I know myself as the loving, compassionate, masterful, and divine being at my core, my moments of life are profoundly enjoyable.  I admit that I slip in and out of that delicious state of consciousness, prone to the influence of others, tossed around a bit by distractions, resistant thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  But my intention these days is to stay in that higher, clear, joyful state more and more often, to feel the uplifting alignment with positive vibrations.  The most natural way that I have learned to show up in those situations that challenge me to remember the truth of who I really am, is spiritually aware.  When I am spiritually aware I invite my higher self into my life so I can fully inhabit and live my experiences as the authentic person I am capable of being. The big difference of a spiritually aware approach to knowing oneself, is the emotional willingness, conscious openness and deliberate focus on the unlimited potential for good that comes from connection with the divine self.



Each individual is unique and we all want to reach our potential – all the things that life has caused us to want.  I ask myself more frequently these days, am I allowing the experiences of my life to be the catalyst for connecting with my inner being?   Sometimes I get under the influence of what I see as current events or others’ state of being.  But I realize that the key to satisfaction is spiritual awareness that I am moving in the direction of my potential, rather than focusing on the physical outcome itself.  The connection to Source and being in an attitude of satisfaction with the emotional feeling of being a part of everything that is becoming, of the energy that is always flowing around me, is a new perspective. It’s a quantum field perspective that acknowledges our ability to utilize the energy of what we perceive as true and real to create our experiences.   As I relax into it I notice that I see everything and everyone in the process of creating experiences, including myself, based upon who we think we are.  This is perhaps the most important reason to know yourself – so you can live your life as you truly are meant to.

I must step back and state that I believe I am a magnificent being, an energetic creation and creator. Yes, I am physical and my blood, bones and flesh are me, too.  When I attempt to interpret who I am from my spiritual awareness – a fuller awareness of my potential for choice, freedom, love, joy and vibrant health and abundance, I get a true reading of who I am.  I am an extension of the energy of All-That-Is.   I came to this understanding through my own pain and suffering when I finally surrendered the struggle and asked for guidance.



Spiritual guidance has come out of the exclusive domain of the religious institutions challenging the rules of what being good or bad means and fostering reliance upon the individual human’s connection to their inner wisdom and flow of goodness. Those societal and religious standards that silence your inner voice and connection to your own divine essence may be well intended but they can cut you off from knowing your true self.  Do you live your life by rules or by the integrity of your own heart and mind? Are the opinions of others influencing how you perceive yourself and live your life? Knowing who you are and acting from respect and love for yourself first is not only being authentic but it allows you to respect others for who they are. Establishing and maintaining a harmonious connection between you and your spiritual essence is not only how we remain true to ourselves it is how we move forward with enhanced joy and able to serve better.

Open yourself up to discover your inner divinity and tune into the invisible intelligence that flows life through your physical self.   You can feel the connection to the Infinite in your breath, the animating force of spirit.  Discover your true self and come to rely upon it at all times.

Dr. Wayne Dyer put it this way: “If we are true to the divine wisdom within, we’ll be ready to follow our path and make our unique contribution to the world.”




There are many ways we can know ourselves.  One way is through what seems like the practical, everyday sense – the way we interpret our experiences, evaluating our likes and dislikes, our strengths and weaknesses.  But the question then arises, does the life you are living reflect who you really are?  And, are you reacting to circumstances and outward events or circumstances that are dictated by the ideas or beliefs of others or are you appreciating your outside world because it affirms the truth of what you believe about yourself, the expression of who you are within?

  • Each one of us is a unique, authentic creative expression and creator of the experiences of our lives.  When we know our own heart, the inner, expanded self where our essential nature speaks, we find the truth of who we are by connecting with the presence of love, joy, wholeness and peace.  In our openness to flow of the energy from our inner being and connection to our own wisdom we are empowered to know and appreciate ourselves as divine.
  • Cultivate your natural joy for being alive by recognizing the living light in you that is your true essence. When you accept this, you allow the experience of who you really are to unfold more and more in your conscious awareness.
  • Practice this connection to your true self in meditation to build trust in the process of allowing it more and more and no longer feeling you are living others ideas of who you are.

Remain confident that through continued reliance on your spiritual awareness you are aligning with your highest self and on your way to manifesting your unique dreams and destiny. What do you choose?  Who you are based upon the whims, decisions and ideals of others, or living through the joy of knowing yourself as the magnificent divine being you are meant to be?


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When Joy Leaves……..Invite It Back

When Joy Leaves……..Invite It Back

Joy Is Good For Our Health

It lifts our spirits and relieves our stress. Scientific research has proven the benefits of a joyful disposition. Overall people who are joyful have reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, colds and flu, and high blood pressure. The brain of optimistic people is healthier, too. The part of the brain responsible for memory and concentration (hippocampus,) as well as the left frontal cortex is more active. There are no negative physiological or psychological side effects from joy.

Joy is also an essential emotion for feeling alive and living fully. It is our birthright; a natural state of being human that energizes us. Being joyful has an amazing power to connect with other positive emotions – freedom, inner peace, happiness, creativity, harmony – and inspire love for ourselves and our lives.

No matter what multitude of pressures have our attention in everyday life, full-of-joy is something we all seem to be desiring and striving for. The problem is we are so used to putting it aside that our default setting seems to be set to adding in joy only if we have some time. We treat being joyful as if it is an outside event that depends on circumstances or people lining up in a certain way before we give ourselves permission to let it in.

I have heard joy referred to as the oxygen of life and I really like that metaphor. Like oxygen, joy is ever-present and we all have access to it. When we give up expecting life to be a certain way, surrender inner resistance and struggle, and let go of the imbalance from constant activity, we naturally align with the reservoir of joy that is always available within us.

The Experience Of Joy

While we all go through challenging times, the good news is that inviting joy back into our lives doesn’t have to be a complete life overhaul. When life is hard, don’t run away from it. Use your emotion as an indication you may be blocking out the inner light of joy and make some small adjustments. Joy is an intrinsic quality of the authentic self that can be easily cultivated in daily experiences. There’s no need to have a special relationship, launch a new career, find a new place to live or really, to do anything special to experience more joy. The experience of being joyful is catering to the light that is already inside of your heart; what you already love.

When You Notice That Joy Has Left Your Life

Consciously invite joy back in by owning what makes you happy, by making space for it in your life, and living what speaks to your joy. While joy is a natural result of tuning into your good feelings, it is also the result of allowing it to flow through conscious choice to make it your natural inclination. In other words, practice it by appreciating the moments that inspire joy each day. It is up to you to see the loveliness of everyday things like birds singing, a creek flowing, the sun shining and flowers growing.

Here are a few tips to get you started with inviting joy back into your life:

  1. Allow yourself to experience joy. You deserve to be joyful because it’s a natural state of being, an essential expression of human nature. We all struggle with negative emotions. You are not alone.
  2. Ask yourself: Am I working too hard at pleasing others, taking care of others, or creating situations so I can enjoy myself? If your answer is genuinely “yes” then you are too stressed to fully enjoy deep connections with others.
  3. Fill your cup each morning with reasons you are joyful. Think of these as reminders that life is good. Appreciate when you notice one of these reasons pop into your mind during the day.
  4. Make time for joy in small ways. Ask yourself: What speaks to me that is joyful? Dancing with the music turned up in the kitchen? Sitting outside at sunset? Smiling more often? When you prioritize joy, life gets better.
  5. Think about how you might welcome joy to lead to the way during your day. You can just as easily learn new things through joy and have fun at the same time.



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