Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

Dear Marilyn,


What does it mean to follow my dreams?


 In the sense that you are referring to, your dreams are inspiration from your inner world.  They are guidance meant to shine a light on a path that leads to fulfillment, joy and a greater expression of who you are. I used to separate dreams from reality because I thought that one was made up and the other was true.  I now see them in the reverse!  Our dreams are our truth coming forward through the emotions we feel when we think about and visualize them.  The point of following our dreams is to follow the source of joy and light-heartedness we feel as we focus on them. To allow the essence of love, the energy that fuels our dreams to grow and expand. Each time we think about a dream, whatever that dream may be, holding it as an optic infused with love rather than angst or fear, allows the energy to flow and the law of attraction takes over.  For instance, let’s say you have been dreaming about a new career.   Just the idea of experiencing something different, in the early stages when it’s bubbling up, is the dream beginning to show itself to you. What happens if you allow that dream to evolve, filling in uplifting details in your thoughts and visualizations as you are inspired? Perhaps going back to it a little bit each day, finding moments to sink into the good feelings of your new career – freedom, joy and creative fulfillment.  They begin to grow, to expand and the dream becomes richer, bigger and more satisfying.  That’s all it takes to get in sync with your dream.  Then perhaps you will be inspired to read an ad about or talk with someone who is looking for someone with just your skill set.  Dreams help us build the momentum and flow the energy of our desires.


Our dreams are meant to be followed, to be flowed (similar words, right?) through our attention to the satisfaction they offer in the moment we are dreaming them.  Dreams are our new reality coming into manifestation and if we want to pursue them then all we have to do is enjoy them.  Allow inspiration to guide you; that good feeling of being yourself and trusting that it is your divine right and highest good to enjoy your life.  It all starts within, and connecting with the power of your dreams, YOUR dreams (no one else’s), will help you to find your greatest joy. 


If you are following your dreams, then you are being true to yourself. It’s not a matter of putting effort into making them happen.  It’s the opportunity to enjoy your dreams unfolding, the process of feeling good while dreaming them along the way to the manifestation, that offers you greater exploration of yourself as a creator.  There is nothing else more worth exploring than your happiness and following your dreams is a delightful path of happiness!




Marilyn is a spiritual coach who serves as a teacher and guide for anyone who would like support on their journey of awakening to who they truly are.

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