Spring Is A Time of New Beginnings

Spring is one of the most creative periods of life.  A time of new beginnings and rebirth in most world traditions, Spring metaphysically represents that period in the cycle of life when we re-emerge from darkness, ready for a fresh start. Awakened by the energy of increasing light stirring within, we leave winter behind and eagerly plant the aspirations conjured during the darkness. Spring inspires us to create anew and explore our lives in new directions.

In the northern USA, Earth’s magical rebirth is readily apparent in more daylight hours, a hint of warmer weather, fresh green shoots, pretty daffodils, and the return of chirping birds.   The changes on the landscape come slowly in March, and excitement for more green plants, more color in the fields, and more sunshine makes us a bit impatient for April and May.  However, if we observe the passage of Spring from a metaphysical perspective we will see things in a different way; especially the early stages of emerging of new life.

The will to live, the desire to grow, and joyfully, abundantly express the inner essence, or that potential for fulfillment that new life carries within, are the seeds of early Spring. The outer signs of new life appear once the inner energy is aligned set in motion.  The adventure of self-transformation happens in much the same way as we lovingly bring our dreams into focus in our hearts and then to fruition in the world.  We experience a time when not much may be showing up in the outer realms but can feel the energy of desire growing through attention and emotional excitement within.  As we might plan a garden, then water the seeds of its flowers and tend to them as seedlings, transformation occurs gradually as we shift into more and more clarity about our desires until we are ready to put them into the fertile soil to take root and grow. “Active-waiting” is what philosopher Gabriel Marcel called it. Guided by inner passion, creative spark and belief in the potential for more joy in our lives, we are rejuvenated and revitalized as signs of change emerge.  We are encouraged to persist in our dreams.  As new ideas or perspectives come into being our spirit lifts and we lean into the future with optimism.

Spring Is A Time Of Transition

Spring is also a time of transition, and transition can be stressful as we move from old to new. The key to transition is to remember to start where you are.  Make peace with the process of letting go of the past, giving in to the present and opening up to the new. Change is constant and Spring shows us that everything comes and goes, and is reborn into something new. Think of this time as a bridge to where you want to go.  Plant your seeds in the softening earth of compassion for yourself and trust in your inner calling to grow.

How much of this creative period do you miss each year? Don’t let Spring pass you by. Go out today, tune into the wisdom of your inner refreshed nature, and plant some dreams.

Here are few ways to enjoy Spring’s emergence and tap into the power of renewal:

  • Spring Cleaning
    • Clean out your closets
    • Rearrange your furniture
    • Ask yourself:  What am I ready to surrender, release and let go of?  This could be a habit, an old belief about yourself or a routine that isn’t working for you.
  • Start a Dream Journal
    • Keep it by your bed and record your dreams in the morning
    • Examine your dreams for opportunities to make some changes.  Is something new calling to you through your dreams?
  • Set Some New Intentions
    • Arrange a time and place for 15 minutes of meditation each morning.
    • After meditation when your mind is calm and clear choose a desire or a goal to focus on in quiet thought for 5 minutes.  Allow yourself to feel what it would be like to live your dream right now.  Brighten up the details by doing this each day for a week.
    • Create a vision board about your desire, journal about it or put a post-it note with your intention on the bathroom mirror.

Welcome Change Into Your Life With This Guided Meditation

Marilyn Decalo Logo, Phoenix

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