A well-lit path is an easily recognizable, easy to follow path to an intended outcome or result.  In learning to discern and follow the well-lit path when you decide to create something in your life, you will discover not only how much easier it becomes to focus your time and energy toward accomplishing your goal, but how much more joyful you are as it unfolds. Following the well-lit path means you use less force and more of your own unique, genius power.   The trick is to stay connected with your positive inner emotional or feeling nature, make your decisions from your heart and keep that connection in a prominent position of conscious awareness, not crowded by competing negative beliefs or ideas.

Recognize Your Well-Lit Path Forward

Start with ideas or decisions that come from the heart, that are created with joy, love and appreciation for who you are.  Listen to what your heart says and the insights it offers about your desires.  You can always trust the direction you are heading when you tap into your heart’s wisdom.   The best way to do this is in meditation or a time of reflection with a journal or walk in nature. Become aware of your intention to create something in positive terms, and Intentionally release any resistant thoughts that arise.  Just simply hold your intention in focus as you meditate, journal or walk and allow the good feelings of your desire to dominate your awareness.  Do you feel joy?  Freedom?  Love?  For a few minutes use your imagination to visualize a beautiful, bright pink golden light surrounding you and melting into your heart and onto the screen of your mind; or onto the pages of your journal lighting up the words describing your intended goal or desire.  Tune into those special feelings of actually living your new desire here and now, in the moment as you focus in and clarify the picture.  Breathe in deeply and release any senses of limitation around your goal.  Again, notice how you feel.  This is significant because this empowered feeling state is now lighting your path forward on the way to your intended outcome.  You have tapped into the higher frequency energies your own divine power to create what you want, the source for living through joy.

Once you have brought divine energy into your pursuits be open to accept and implement the inspirations and impulses that come forward, even if they don’t correspond exactly to how you think things should unfold.  Surrender old expectations and use the feelings you felt when consciously making your decision or desire from your heart center to guide you forward in taking the next steps.  By touching back into your heart-energy you will be able see the next step light up before you because you will recognize it as being aligned with the feeling of your desired outcome.  Go into this experience expecting your path to light up with all the guidance and direction you need to accomplish your goals, and you have summoned the energy of light.
Practice turning doubting thoughts into thoughts of light and love and that is what you will find.

The well-lit path is your unique road to follow.  If you truly want to make a difference in your life, to express and offer the authentic you, to get what you want and therefore be the most fulfilled, persist in doing what comes from your heart.  It may be the less-traveled road, but it will always be the most well-lit.

Awakening Light on the Path – Walking a Labyrinth

Walking the labyrinth is an ancient spiritual exercise to develop a sense of inner peace and gain insight into decisions or desires that are reflected on while following the path. There are various interpretations of the labyrinth’s spiritual significance but in general a walk on the labyrinth is seen as symbolic of the sacred journey of our lives.  With each step that metaphorically winds the pilgrim circularly toward the center of the labyrinth, the encounter with the inner self deepens until an answer is revealed and received.  Along the journey to the center there is a releasing and letting go of the old, an opening to deeper insight and understanding; and on the journey back out more and more light is gained until the soul re-emerges more awakened.

In many communities around the world you will find churches which have created labyrinths to nurture spiritual development.  If you are not in a position to walk a labyrinth you can try using a smaller, inexpensive finger version.


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