Time to Live Your

True Self


Do you have a sense that the real you is hiding beneath the person you’ve been showing the world this past year? Have you been feeling disconnected from who you really are? Perhaps you know within you is the real you waiting to come out and you’re ready to become this person. If so, here’s how you can make living as your true self your personal theme for 2018, and start right now.


It’s Your Life


The exciting news is that this is about letting your inner self show through and it will positively affect every area of your life. You are freeing yourself to live life from a new perspective – in appreciation for the way you uniquely experience it. This is your life, and living it authentically means getting in touch with and living according to your own desires and choices.  Your outlook on life will shift because you follow your inner guidance, express your true self and put your happiness front and center.


 Three Ways to Live Authentically


Here are three easy ways to pursue what’s in your heart and help you make the transition to become and live as your true self in 2018.

Appreciate Who You Are

Give yourself appreciation for having the courage and insight to actualize who you are within.  Everything you have lived has brought you to this point, now, where you are ready to live your uniqueness and individuality. It is something to be celebrated.  While life may have provided challenges, choosing to accept them as experiences that have shaped you, given you wisdom and polished you, like a diamond, is a way to find genuine self-compassion and reinforce self-worth.  Appreciating all that you are, and acknowledging the ups and downs you have grown through in your life strengthens your trust in yourself, and makes it easier to become your true self. Take a few minutes to write a statement of appreciation for yourself. Notice the qualities you find in yourself as you reflect.  Recognize that you have amazing inner wisdom and resilience.

Listen to Your Inner Self

This is how you become aware of where you are putting your thought and feeling energy using the clarity of your own voice, your true north.  Your inner self will respond to whatever you ask or think. The way you know if you are aligned with your true self is by the feeling you receive from connecting within as you ask your questions.  It’s possible to actually feel that connection as presence of energy, and receive the inspiration and impulses that tell you what is right for you.  This way of becoming your true self is easily accomplished in regular daily meditation.  Keep a notebook nearby to jot down ideas that come to you.  Soon after you begin a regular practice of silently going within and feeling the connection with your inner self your inner voice and energetic flow becomes familiar.  You are able to start noticing when you are out of balance and more easily shift into expressing your true feelings, identifying choices and making changes to live in sync with your true self.

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Trust Yourself

Remember that you are uniquely you, and that means that others are uniquely who they are.  At times you may find yourself not agreeing with others, or others not agreeing with you.  Being able to trust yourself because you have connected with your inner voice, and have confidence in who you truly are will help give you the strength and insight to notice differences between others’ opinions and your truth, stay in emotional balance and continue pursuing what is in your heart.  There can be moments of self-doubt as you become more familiar with expressing your true self; but remind yourself that that is simply the uncertainty from an old belief, an old pattern, and let it pass. Take a deep breath and recommit to our original intention to trust yourself.  You and your connection to your inner self are what truly matters in each and every moment for in that knowing you are allowing your inner self to shine through.  If you are living as your true self then everything else is secondary – even your choice to accept the opinions of those around you.


Empower Yourself


Empower yourself to make any changes you think will allow you to express your true self.  At 2018 comes into focus, think about all those areas in your life where you might not be comfortable living authentically.  Ask yourself:  “Am I valuing my true self in this relationship, situation, lifestyle, etc.”  Take responsibility for making some changes.  What’s holding you back?  Living your true self is much easier than keeping up facades or resisting new things because in essence you are living in a place of emotional balance.  Think about what will make you happy.  Get a journal and take some time to reflect on the lifestyle that will make you happy.  Connect with your inner self and ask what advice or ideas you can offer yourself.  Allow some time for the answers to come forward. You’ll know if they are true by the way they feel.  If you feel clear, calm and confident, energized by inspiration then you know it’s  your true, inner self guiding you along your path to fulfillment.  Trust in what you are inspired to do to live as your true self in 2018.

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