Dear Marilyn, 

I have resistance to embracing my flavor, my place, my uniqueness.  How do I love the version of me that I see as different?


You are meant to be different.  Your tone, your ideas, your dreams and desires are unique to you, and how you express who you are.  The person you are living as now is how you see yourself. But you are much more than the sum of the parts you perceive as you today.   Who do you want to see yourself as?  You have everything within you that you need to feel good about who you are today and, to become more of who you are meant to be as you surrender to appreciation, grace and flow of expressing your inner guidance. 

Relax, focus on you and your relationship to who you are.  Surrender into what is, accept that you have a unique expression to give to others and yourself, and try to see the perfection of this moment, you can open to discover the balance and peace that you in this moment has to offer, to learn and to expand to become more.  Train yourself to focus, to appreciate the gift that only you can give; using the conditions and situations to your benefit as a means of going deep to uncover fears, and feel your power.

This moment offers the consciousness of so many energies; you picked the traits that make you unique, you are Source energy and there are no limits to what you can do to explore who you are in this environment.  New perceptions, new experiences allow different perspectives and everyone of those experiences is valuable.  You are as you should be in order to explore what you want in order to enjoy the vibrancy of energy flowing through you and your life.  The experience of life, experiencing yourself in the ways that are unique to you is meant to give you direction, to help you have an exploration of who you are.  There is no “wrong”.  When you compare yourself to others and wish you were different you diminish who you are.  Instead ask yourself, how could this beneficial to me?  How can these things that seem less than others in my life or different help me to know more of myself, to express my purpose?

You may not know the answers to the questions but unless you make a step, a step beyond a limited perspective that may be holding you back, you will not find them.  Yet that is why you are here.  To know yourself in relation to the divine energy flowing in physical existence.  It is an interesting thought that in exploring the idea of separation and duality is the path to oneness.  When you can accept who you are, remembering and honoring your uniqueness as your gift and expression, you can accept others and understand that you are capable of different parts of your being to allow in more of who you are, to see parts of you you may not be aware of, and feel more of your inner power.  Your perspective widens and the more you remember your inner Self, the part that is Source energy – the oneness that is the link to All That Is.  You are the being in all of these lives and that will help you understand that you are Oneness.  You are more than just this one life; you are the energy that encompasses all.

Allow yourself to perceive yourself in a different way.  See beyond the labels, the judgement, the differences as barriers.  Recognize who you are, an unlimited being.  Those unique aspects of you, no matter what they are, are doorways to enter and explore to discover your powerful, joyful, unique expression.  Appreciate the path you are walking and as you become aware of how you perceive yourself, be compassionate, surrender the need to change yourself, find inner courage to dive into your fears and welcome new perspectives.   When you discover what you are afraid of about who you are, you can process the fear and move through it into relief.  You can rejoice that you are becoming aware of the resistance within, shining a light on the darkness and while it may be uncomfortable you can trust that the other side of that old energy is release, resolution and freedom.  Imagine being in the place where freedom and joy calls you forward, and you get to see what is standing the way of it so you can understand how to transform it.   If you perceive yourself as not good enough, that you should be different, then you are seeing yourself in a limited way; a fear that you are wrong.  This keeps you from your joy, from opening to the balance, healing and way of looking at life where you have the confidence to express who you truly are.  

You cannot control others perceptions but you can feel better about who you are by going  within and finding self-acceptance.  And until you do that work, you will continue to feel less than you truly are and to color your life with disappointment and anxiety.  The process of shifting your energy is something I can help you with so you can live and enjoy yourself. Reach out to me to learn about the steps you can take to have the life of ease and comfort you want.


Marilyn Decalo offers one-one coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals! To learn more about Marilyn’s coaching options, click here. 



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