One of the major benefits of connecting to the Divine Self is the empowerment that comes from opening to and receiving the assistance of the universe. It becomes easier to adjust to the dance of opposing forces experienced everywhere, whether it’s between the light and darkness, love and fear, abundance and loss, or in relationships. An integrated Divine Self does not mean that you are without fear, discord or suffering, but it does mean that you have greater awareness when painful thoughts and feelings arise, and you can consciously balance your emotions quickly. You effectively neutralize the negative momentum with a choice to focus on the good feelings about what you truly desire in your heart, and allow that connection with inner well-being to dominate. This brings peace, satisfaction and joy, as you shift to a new, expanded level of seeing yourself in alignment with the flow of universal connectedness. Once you are aware of your connection and ability to shift into better feeling thoughts about a situation it becomes easier to slow negative momentum and choose a new perspective.


What can you do with your ability to be more open to your spiritual self?


The power of connection with your divine presence is allows you to release that which no longer serves you. Everything you have experienced on your path to this present moment has given you information about your Divine Self including any pain and suffering you have endured.  How can you know and experience love if you have not experienced lack or loss of love? Everything has a purpose. But it is now time to confront the old beliefs and limitations that have held you back on the collective and individual level. If you are experiencing turbulent times know that it is a sign to leave behind the ideas and perspectives that no longer serve your path.  Apply the principles of Divine Love to yourself, first. Understand that you are worthy of joy and freedom. And change the way you see your life experience. Clinging to old patterns will lead to prolonging the suffering for all; we have a responsibility to support, uplift and help with integrating the Divine aspects of higher consciousness into society and promoting values of compassion and love for all.


The Long-term Benefits


There is a special joy that comes from knowing oneself as a powerful creator, truly living on the right path. You know when to act and when to wait for the inspiration to act.  You stop listening to the dictates and opinions of others about your happiness. You wake up eager to engage with the bountiful energy of the day and you gravitate toward those things that are enjoyable and represent happiness in your day.   Those around you are inspired too. You find more and more ways to share the joy of life in relationships and to see the love you are in others. It is a transformative way of living that benefits not just you but those around you.


Methods To Make Inner Connection


With regard to methods, my approach is to tailor the method to each individual. Some of us come from cultural or religious backgrounds and beliefs that have influenced our perspectives so it’s important to understand context and the journey each individual has been on, first. Over time your experiences define who you are, and soul connection and integration is a personal expression. There really is no one in this world who is alike and that uniqueness is central to what drives each of us to move forward, to learn and to grow on our path.  As the Buddha says, we start where we are.

That being said, no matter what our background, often times we stand at the door of our opportunity to connect with the divine self when we ask one of the most important life questions, “What is my purpose?” It is common for feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction to result from experiences of being stuck on a senseless or meaningless path, attempting to live an outdated belief system that doesn’t serve us any longer, or some deep sense of loss or abandonment.  Without knowing our purpose, we remain unfulfilled. It is essential to our happiness and living a life with meaning to know which path that is calling to our soul.

My approach is a combination of ancient philosophies such as energy work or Reiki and transpersonal practices like guided meditation, journaling, and emotional release work.  I serve as a bridge to bring the individual from a limited understanding of who they think they are to a greater awareness of their sacred uniqueness as their integrated, human-divine self.   I teach people how to recognize and practice their energetic connection with their higher self through breath work, meditation, coaching and hypnotherapy. And the end result is always the same – freedom, a sense of appreciation for who they are and feeling empowered to follow their true path.

I offer tools and resources on my website for getting on the right path for anyone who is questioning their place in the world. In private sessions I incorporate my knowledge of world mythology, mysticism, the Law of Attraction, A Course In Miracles, Transcendental Meditation, and Deep Transformative Counseling to guide my clients to consciously discover and explore what ignites their fire and fuels their passion through their own unique gifts. With any of these modalities, the individual unveils the pragmatic wisdom that dwells within them, and with practice will begin to notice positive solutions, inspirations and ideas arise in their awareness to help them move through life challenges.

I also developed a self-paced, online course to help people achieve a greater awareness of their inner Self, called Becoming Who You Are Meant To Be. It’s done in a series of 11 modules and more suited to those who like a more autonomous style of learning. It can be found on my website, marilyndecalo.com under The Firebird Institute.

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