Awakening World

If I was to believe that the chaos of our political system, the violence of mass shootings, the conflict of beliefs between religions or much of the suffering we witness as a society are evidence of humanity on the road to ruin I might lose hope in the future of our world. As I look at these events through the eyes of media or the voices of “authority” I see a reflection of life expressing as discontent, fear, disconnection, separateness and ego; but I also sense a deeper collective yearning, inspiring us to be more and experience life more fulfilled.

Life is Precious

The truth is life is precious and magnificent, but we are going through a massive shift in consciousness. As we become more aware of the role divine consciousness plays in our world we begin to see our challenges as opportunities to seek a better life – for us and planet earth. The creative energy of life in all its’ forms is forever calling us forward to be more, know more, experience more. As part of All That Is, we are more powerful than we imagine. We exist in a sacred, eternal energetic process of breaking down, replenishing and expanding.  There is a hidden creative magnificence to the nature of things in the world, and within each of us and now is the time to awaken it.  The breaking down or crumbling of the old is part of the life-affirming cycle of pre-paving for the new, more expansive experiences.  Each moment is an opportunity to experience the fleeting gifts of life; and the gift of life.

This understanding is a distinguishing factor for the way I choose to live.  My own inner connection with the force behind this creative life advises me not to buy into an old paradigm of expressing through fear, but rather inspires me to seek a vision of the world awakening to a paradigm of living through love.

Personal Awakening

I believe that there is a soul of the world, a force behind our collective, creative spirit that is awakening in this moment, here and now.  It’s the beauty of our divine essence inspiring us to appreciate one another, see the goodness of our humanity, create through the power of inner majesty and live through feelings of joy. The soul of the world provokes us to life, to feel our connection with all that is – the earth, our spiritual essence, and fellow creatures – and feel the potential of being a co-creative aspect of the eternal universe.  Our true nature.

I experience this awakening when I am persuaded by an exchange of the eyes, the recognition of true beauty of some sort within each other; and I want to move from negative thinking toward expressing my creative potential in a positive way. I am transported to the sacred realm of living where I think, create and experience inspired by the radiating energy of love.  The soul of the world and its call for alignment with our inner essence is provoking us to transform ourselves and our world.

The Shift is About Connection

The old paradigm is shifting to allow us to recognize something powerful and it isn’t passive. A lot of people have become more conscious of the need for our authentic voices to be heard; to let go of the struggles and fly. By going deep into the human condition, acknowledging the changes taking place and celebrating our creative gifts like music, art, athleticism, imagination, technology and our propensity for joy, we honor our energetic potential to uplift and awaken that life-force within.  Make it a practice to spend a few minutes each day sensing the aliveness that is you. Be present with those things that are changing within, and be willing to know who you truly are and be yourself.

Life can be cruel and destructive, but if we see those negative experiences as opportunities to recharge our will to go on, we open a space for the soul of the world to enter, take us out of our discontent and experience some beautiful and unexpected shifts into the new, awakening paradigm together.

I’m a Springsteen fan…he wrote this song after 9/11 and I believe it captures a piece of the awakening world beautifully.

Bruce Springsteen

The Rising

Can’t see nothin’ in front of me

Can’t see nothin’ coming up behind

I make my way through the darkness

I can’t feel nothing but this chain that binds me

Lost track of how far I’ve gone

How far I’ve gone, how high I’ve climbed

On my back’s a sixty pound stone

On my shoulder a half mile line

Come on up for the rising

Come on up, lay your hands in mine

Come on up for the rising

Come on up for the rising tonight

Left the house this morning

Bells ringing filled the air

Wearin’ the cross of my calling

On wheels of fire I come rollin’ down here

Come on up for the rising

Come on up, lay your hands in mine

Come on up for the rising

Come on up for the rising tonight

Spirits above and behind me

Faces gone black, eyes burnin’ bright

May their precious blood forever bind me

Lord as I stand before your fiery light

I see you Mary in the garden

In the garden of a thousand sighs

There’s holy pictures of our children

Dancin’ in a sky filled with light

May I feel your arms around me

May I feel your blood mix with mine

A dream of life comes to me

Like catfish dancin’ on the end of the line

Sky of blackness and sorrow (a dream of life)

Sky of love, sky of tears ( a dream of life)

Sky of glory and sadness (a dream of life)

Sky of mercy, sky of fear (a dream of life)

Sky of memory and shadow (a dream of life)

Your burnin’ wind fills my arms tonight

Sky of longing and emptiness (a dream of life)

Sky of fullness, sky of blessed life (a dream of life)

Come on up for the rising

Come on up, lay your hands in mine

Come on up for the rising

Come on up for the rising tonight

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