Have you experienced having a desire and feeling frustrated because it doesn’t seem like it’s really within reach? Maybe you’ve got your sights set on something but there’s a nagging doubt that creeps up when you think about it. Wonder what causes that imbalance? The straight answer is that your expectation is not in alignment with your desire. While we may believe that a desire is possible, and even think that it is probably going to happen, the truth is that if thoughts about our desires are focused in the future then our expectations are focused there too. Your perspective of expecting a desire to manifest in the future is not in energetic alignment with your creative power, which is always in the present. Now is where we are energetically attracting everything. Lining up expectations and desires means feeling the energy of our desires in this moment. Then as you step back to enjoy the idea of your desire the law of attraction starts flowing the cooperative components (people, timing, events) to manifest your desire.

It follows that when we feel connected to the energy of our desires in this moment we are in sync with our inner knowing (that powerful feeling of certainty) that they are not only possible, but they exist in our energy field by virtue of thinking about and feeling why we want them. There is no gap between our expectation and the desire. Our desires feel alive as we touch into their essence of pleasure. The feeling of pleasure is verification of connection with the power that brings desires into our lives. There is no need to project expectations that we must do something else in order for them to manifest into the future. If we follow the inspiration or impulses that come from within we can use our inner guidance to take whatever the next step might be. When you think about your desires, do so from the present and allow yourself to feel the flow of experiencing it in your life now. Then if you are inspired to act, do what lights up for you in alignment with the pleasure of your desire; not because you feel you have to do something.

My Story

When I lost my job a few years ago I spent months job hunting with a desire to bring income and security into my life, like most people do. I thought my expectation was that I would “get something” but my underlying fear was that I wouldn’t. Unknowingly, I wasn’t owning my power in the present. Instead I was projecting fear out into my future. Things went from bad to worse and my negative mood dominated my days. I was doing visualizations, affirmations and meditating but I wasn’t connecting my desires with the energy of my inner self in the present. It’s when I finally opened up and asked for the inner guidance I needed to release the fear beliefs holding me back that I was able to let go of the past and future and feel the powerful the support of my inner energy in the moment. As I let go of the idea of “getting something” and made my connection with my inner energy my priority I began to relax and feel the security, love and abundance of peace in my life. Shortly thereafter I received a call “out of the blue” offering me a position which turned out to be perfect.

An Exercise For Lining Up Expectations With Desire

To practice lining up expectations with desire set aside some time in meditation when you are connecting with your inner self and allow a desire to come forward. Ask yourself, “Why do I want this thing I want?” (Please do not focus on reasons for circumstances you may be trying to avoid. Rather pick a desire that is calling you forward in your life.) Identify the positive feelings around this desire. See yourself here and now experiencing the pleasure of living this desire; of enjoying this desire in your experience. Brighten up any details that feel fun or loving. Let the feelings grow and expand in the details of the desire for a few minutes.

Notice how real your desire feels and how easy it moves through your awareness. You can expect that this desire that you have energetically activated is flowing to you. Release concerns, worries or anxieties about it appearing in your life and know that your desire, made real here and now through your creative inner source energy, is on its’ way.

To practice alignment with your desires you could make a list of positive aspects about yourself living your desire. This is for the fun and pleasure of feeling good about your desire now. Then, when you have an urge to take action in the direction of your desire, do so!



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