Podcast Series:

Flowing Into Being

In these podcasts I teach about becoming aware of emotional resistance as a tool to recognize and release limited beliefs about ourselves. When we are able to see the ingrained beliefs that are not serving our highest purpose in life, which is to live joyfully, we can choose to release them. In order to shift from limitation into freedom we must be willing to connect with our inner truth – our unique spark of the divine – and build a new path to happiness from this moment on, open to expressing the wholly loved and lovable beings we are.



Evolving Into The Divine Self

ON Mission Evolution Radio.

Mission Evolution’s Gwilda Wiyaka Interviews Marilyn about integrating spiritual consciousness into daily life experience
Read Gwilda’s blog about the interview here:


Have You Gotten Your Copy?

52 Qualities Of The Heart~ One Each Week!
Get a cup of tea, take a deep breath and
explore your inner self.

A Breath Of New Life After Divorce

Read Marilyn’s article in The “X” Chronicles Newspaper.

Divorce is a time of transition, and a time to become more of who you are meant to be, free from “needing” someone else to knowing you are wholly loved and lovable.

Want to give up the struggle and get clear about your next step?

Let me coach you step by step through your blocks. Let go of wasted time and energy, and get on the path to what you want, feeling good.

Episode 2: Calming Your Emotions

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you mostly felt calm, centered and balanced? No matter how others are feeling, you can come to choose peace for yourself. Even when you are excited or enthusiastic about something or someone, you can experience that joy...

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