Frequently Asked Questions


1.) What technology or tools do I need to be able to participate in the coaching sessions, courses or listen to the meditations?

It’s easy to participate in the courses, coaching sessions and listen to the meditations.  All you need is:

  • A computer (laptop or desktop), tablet, smartphone and speaker.
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

2.) What if I have questions about the courses, the meditation processes or the downloads?

  • Great! If you have questions then that means you are engaging with the material and how to apply it to your own life.
  • The best place to ask questions of me is to submit them via email to
  • You can also ask questions, get feedback, share thoughts and obtain resources from me and your peers via the community Facebook group. Be sure to let us know your successes, too!

3.)  Do you have a money back guarantee?

  • Absolutely! If you aren’t receiving what you want from my coaching sessions, programs or resources, just email me within 30 days of your purchase. I’ll send you a full, hassle-free refund.

4.)  What results can I expect from coaching?

  • My results driven coaching is uniquely designed to cater to where you are currently, and to get you to where you remember who you are authentically so you can begin living fully satisfied.
  • You will gain the tools to free yourself from the emotional and energetic blocks that have kept you in emotional chains.
  • You’ll also release what’s no longer serving you, including emotional pain, unhealthy behaviors and self-sabotage, and uncover the peace that inspires you to move forward, happy, confident and in appreciation of all you are.
  • Your relationship with yourself and with others will improve as you recognize your inner power, feel your true self-worth, and remove the limitations from programming you’ve picked up in your life experiences.
  • Are you ready to free yourself?  With coaching you can make the shift.

5.)  What does surrender accomplish?

  • Surrender accomplishes much more than control.
  • In control-mode you are hyper-vigilant to what may happen, and how to either prevent it or make it happen.  You are future focused, or if you’re preventing a scenario based on previous experience, past focused.  Adrenaline and cortisol are pumping through your body and you mind shifts from topic to topic.  There is almost no present- moment awareness.
  • When you consciously surrender (to a higher power) you are choosing to let go, to deliberately let go of chasing outcomes and ride the current effortless of the present moment. You may still have intentions but you’re not gripping the wheel so tightly as you steer toward them.
  • Surrender is a freedom to do things the easy way, with a peaceful heart and an open mind that allows the energy of the universe to assist and support you so you’re not obsessing or worrying about every detail.
  • Surrender is the faith and acceptance that you are worthy of all good and happiness in your life, and that we don’t always know the best route for it come our way.
  • Do you want to open up to all the wondrous possibilities in your life? Learn to get out of your own way with a surrender coaching session. Click Here

6.) Who can I contact with a coaching question?

7.) What does Marilyn Decalo do with the information I submit on my intake application, course surveys or online materials? Is it protected?

  • Marilyn Decalo will not misuse your submitted information or materials.  Please review our privacy policy here.

8.) How long does it take to get results from working with emotion coaching?

  • Emotion coaching does require some investment of time and practice as you work through things that you have been clinging to for years.
  • Likewise, you might need to challenge yourself and your perspective of reality.  This requires a commitment to growth and development; and to doing things differently that what you thought previously.
  • Given the journey of emotional shift, you may require three weeks to 2 months to work through the process.
  • Keep in mind that as you begin the process of transformation you will establish a momentum that moves you forward to a brighter, more fulfilling future. As you take responsibility and become more open and willing to make change happen it will create a snowball effect for more positive change in your life.

9.) Is this program about religion or spirituality?

  • Yes and no. Some of the resources and techniques are derived from spiritually-based practices, such as meditation. The program is about practical solutions to decision-making, transition, overcoming stress, living out loud, following your purpose and living your dreams. We use concepts, like compassion, kindness and self-love, to teach decision-making, emotional awareness and inner peace.

10.) Can I email you for personal advice?

  • I receive a lot of requests for personal advice. I find that the best place to get your questions answered is in our Facebook group.

11.) What’s the schedule when I sign up for coaching sessions?

  • You’ll set up one-on-one coaching sessions that are arranged in intervals of one week to 10 days. Depending on the program you choose session packages take from one to 12 weeks to complete.
  • There is flexibility to the weekly schedule and sessions may be set sooner or later as appropriate.

12.) I’m having trouble making decisions in general. Is this program still for me?

  • Yes. It’s adaptable to the individual and is unique in style, flow and modules. I will help you step into your own power, release uncertainty and own your life. The techniques and tools she provides will assist you in overcoming challenges, making transitions and more.

13.) Is there a payment plan?

  • At the time of your order all available payment plans will be discussed.

14.) I have more questions.


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