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Home office located in Boulder. Available for coaching sessions, hypnotherapy sessions, and counseling.

Group Meditation – Free Weekly Tele-Class 

An Invitation to Join Us!


Relax, get comfortable and dial in by phone to the conference line: 712-775-7270 Access Code: 898453

Offered Wednesdays, 9 PM ET, 7 PM MT, 6 PM PT.

Group meditation is a great way to learn how to meditate. This is a guided meditation format.  For the first few minutes I will explain how to meditate and then we will practice together for 15 minutes.  This class is open to anyone who is thinking about starting a meditation practice or would like to experience the healing energy of group meditation.

This class is ongoing and available to newcomers and drop-ins.  All welcome!

Counseling Sessions at My Home-Office


Transpersonal counseling is a holistic and effective way to change things you would like to have different in your life.  In 50 or 90-minute sessions we will work to resolve fears, phobias and difficult life issues. Transpersonal counseling can create rapid changes in many areas including relationships, finances, business, spiritual growth, loss and transition. We won’t beat around the bush. You will get assistance with releasing things that are constantly in your way and no longer serve your highest good.  You will be able move forward toward what is important for you with clarity and confidence. Limiting beliefs, underlying resistance and self-esteem issues will be balanced emotionally, and worked with to consciously welcome your authentic self – becoming all you are meant to be.


Every person is different and will be supported with individually tailored counseling.  All sessions are grounded in a positive, psycho-spiritual approach to bringing about what is wanted in life. This approach has a lot of potential for shifting you into living with more joy, comfort and freedom.


To arrange a counseling appointment in person in Boulder, please fill out this contact form.  I will connect with you directly to schedule your session.  Appointments are available M-F 10 am – 7 pm.


50 minutes $90

90 minutes $120


Coaching Sessions also available in my Boulder, Colorado office, or by phone/Skype and Facetime.  For more information about my coaching packages please visit Coaching Sessions here.  



I honor you and your time and thank you for extending the same courtesy to us. My cancellation policy requires notification 24 hours prior to the session. All uncancelled sessions are payable in full.

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