“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” Arthur Ashe

What is The Surrender Solution?

Having an intention and moving toward it is the greatest satisfaction in life.  It’s thrilling to be free to choose what we set in motion in our lives and it is true that we are meant to be the powerful creators of joy-filled, happy lives; it’s our natural evolution to desire even more as we go through life. However, at times we resist or block the flow of our desires from becoming fulfilled, like when we pay attention to what others think or expect of us and neglect connection with our inner true self. Or, perhaps we’re eager for more than what we are currently experiencing in our lives (career, relationships, finances) and everything we seem to be doing is back firing.  Sometimes a major life event brings about a crisis of identity and we find ourselves looking for new ways to transform and grow.

Beliefs, assertions and confidence come into question, and you can find yourself marooned between the old and your not yet realized potential. The purpose of  The Surrender Solution is to offer an empowered course of action to help you surrender to joy, trust the direction of your future, and trust your heart will lead you to happiness.  You do not need to remain stuck in overwhelm or in a state of fear because with the tools and knowledge I offer to help you Surrender, you will have the ability to intentionally and confidently create a new and empowered reality for yourself.  What will you do? If you’re ready to step into your identity as a creator of your path forward, then let’s get started navigating your Surrender Solution with a free introductory session.

Who am I?

My life and career path has been one of reinvention and conscious evolution over the past 30 years.   I have lived change and transition states, and discovered each time that how I have lived them determined what opened up next for me.   I have  experienced incredible peaks of success along with valleys of disappointment and loss; the greatest lesson I have learned in my journey is that when chaos happens, it is important to recognize that it is a portal of opportunity presenting itself.  Pushing against circumstances and through feelings of resistance doesn’t make them go away.  Instead, seizing the opportunity to set our intentions to feel good is the way to move “moreward” into what we desire. In learning to focus my energy on feeling good and finding a way around doubt and fear I came to remember who I am; and I surrendered to the empowering truth that I am in control of my outcomes. While that may not be easy to do, it is a vital step in making a conscious transition to new realities and not trying to conform new realities to those of the past. It allows us to turn our attention to what we want and become free to move forward.  Cooperating emotionally and mindfully (not derailing our good feelings) with my own joyful desires joined with unconditional, inner confident expectation of the new horizon is a key choice we can learn to surrender to; and it is my passion to share, teach and guide others through this process.

I received my master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and the work I do with clients is grounded in a pragmatic, holistic, emotionally intelligent approach. I’m a professionally trained hypnotherapist and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, and I’ve been counseling people of all ages in crisis and transition for 12 years.

I am committed to assisting you in the process of the Surrender Solution so you will thrive in life, and ultimately experience continuous joy in the way it is meant for you.

On a personal note, I believe there is hope in uncertainty; and that the human spirit is powerful in overcoming seemingly adverse situations.  Together we have got the power to pull out our sextants, point to the new stars around us and use our inner courage and skills to set a course where connection with our inner truth,  kindness, mindfulness and passion lead us to new opportunities.  Let’s be bold and have a new journey!

Marilyn Decalo Logo, Phoenix

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